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If you have passion, Ideas, Creativity and collaborative spirit join iANTZ for a bright and rewarding career.
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1. What is your approach of work in Rent-A-Team Service?
Ans: According to your request, we will assign the developers who possess the relevant technologies and skill-sets you require. We will provide a period of trial development work to help you know our developers' capability. We follow the standard development methodology. Furthermore you can control the schedule of the development and keep track of the development progress. Developers are available to discuss with you via chat, email or phone. We can submit daily or weekly progress reports tailored to client needs. iAntz experience, commitments, team work, responsibility, confidentiality and quality are the advantages you can utilize and you are rest assure that your projects are in the right hand.
2. What are the benefits if I choose Rent-A-team Service from iAntz?
  • Single-point-of-contact.
  • Analysts who understand your business.
  • Communication ease: VOiP, email, Skype.
  • Security: Our privacy policy, NDAs.
  • We are open and upfront in all our conversations.
  • We keep clients updated on the real situation.
  • Our Developers have proven expertise in working efficiently with offshore clients.
  • We assure that if you are not satisfied with the professionals we shall provide you with a replacement.
  • You save more on your outsourcing venture as hiring is a low cost pricing model.
  • It gives you a predictable budget.
  • Our expert software professionals have very good experience in handling simple to complex applications.
  • At least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of development work.
  • A favorable development environment.
  • Guaranteed timely communication.
  • Daily and weekly working reporting as per your need.
  • Easy coding style.
  • Documents written in English.
  • Strict timing.
  • Hardware and software infrastructure.

We can provide you with programming solutions for a fraction of what it is currently costing you in time, wages and infrastructure expenditure. No need for you to worry about office space, furniture, salaries and health benefits!

3. Will I be able to talk directly with my assigned programmer or team?
Ans: Absolutely. You are welcome to contact your programmer directly through either Instant Messenger at any time during your daily support period, or via email at any time.
4. What type of technologies you can handle?
Ans: We can handle .Net framework (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#), Java, PHP Technologies
5. Who owns the rights for the source code?
Ans: All rights to the work is with the Client. This includes documentation, source code, binaries etc. which the iAntz team develops in the course of the project. All this is part of the delivery made to the Client.
6. What type of team does iAntz have?
Ans: At iAntz, we have built a culture that attracts exceptionally talented people; People who thrive on and have an intense passion for understanding and solving implementation problems for our customers. We mostly recruit our engineers with high academic and technical background.
7. If I hire a Team of programmers as per the Rent-A-Team Service, will you supervise that programmer and manage the     project they are working on?
Ans: For programming work, we provide basic supervision only. That is, we ensure that your programmer(s) attend work and work efficiently while at work. We do not however provide project management service. Essentially, your programmers would work directly to you in the same way they would if you were directly employing them. The only difference is that they are carrying out the work in our office rather than yours.

[In a project, project management takes up approximately 20% of effort and 28% of total cost. So extra 28% charges of the project cost shall be applicable if we handle Project Management]

9. How does project communication take place?
Ans: Our experience over the years has helped us understand the decisive role played by clear communication to ensure the success of an outsourced project.

We ensure that during the course of the project, you have:

  • A Single point of Contact - The project manager /Project Leader assigned to your software development project will serve as your single point of contact for all communication.
  • Skype - For all one-on-one communication, we use instant messenger or Skype, to make it easier for you to voice any concerns or clarifications in real time. We also use Skype for online conference calls with our customers. Alternately for any emergencies, you can call our office/mobile numbers or we can call you.
9. How does iAntz ensure quality?
Ans: We implement the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process that addresses the quality assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle. Our QA team has developed a focused quality control checklist. In addition, we also have a comprehensive Quality Testing Checklist which ensures that every solution delivered by iAntz measures up to the highest possible international standards.
10. Is the code documented?
Ans: A project is not deemed complete until proper documentation is provided. We believe it is our professional responsibility to provide well-documented code. It also helps us in future projects to enhance functionality if and when the Client requires it.
11. Can iAntz IT solutions sign an NDA (Non Disclosure agreement) with me?
Ans: All the business transactions with iAntz IT solutions are transparent. iAntz also signs an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with its client. Additionally, project details are available only to the team members who are involved in the specific project. All employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements with iAntz.
12. What all you don't cover in Rent-A-Team Service?
Ans: Our Rent-A-Team service does not cover the following types of tasks unless we explicitly agree otherwise:
  • Project management (If you require project Management , please check the details mentioned in Answer 7)
  • Support for your customers
  • Graphics and/or web design work [ you have to take web designer for this]
13. What are your development timings?
Ans: Each Dedicated Programmer you hire works for 8 hours each day, 5 days a week

Timings: 9.30 am- 6.00 pm India Standard Time. 30 min of Lunch break is provided for everyone.

14. What is the minimum period for hiring a Team?
Ans: Minimum Duration of the Contract should be 6 months.
15. How do I pay?
Ans: The simplest and the most secure way is to use wire transfers.