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From humble beginning as a mere cost-cutting concept, offshore outsourcing has gradually moved ahead and established itself as a successful business model by rendering not only cost-effective but also sophisticated and highly efficient quality services.

Offshore Outsourcing Approach
The Concept

iAntz considers itself as one of the pioneers in the offshore software development, with its experience gathered over the years and high level of understanding towards the cross cultural needs. Our past experience with our international clients from Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and Middle East makes us very confident that we will deliver the best possible quality, at significant cost savings to you, every time!

Clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code at the completion of the project. Although with the ownership of the source codes, the customer has the option of looking at the other vendors but at iAntz we have the 100% success in retaining our customers.

Why outsourcing?

Cost Efficiency

Cost benefit is the prime draw when you offshore your software solutions to us in India. Significantly lower start up outlay, startup time and energy will have a cumulative effect on your project cost. The advantage of low-rung INR gives you another major handle. With world’s largest trained English-oriented technical workforce available at competitive cost you are able to stretch your currency to an amazing degree.

IT Manpower advantage

The prime reason for the success of India’s software industry is the large supply of IT Manpower. with IT skills. India graduates perhaps about 125,000 engineers a year, second only to the US worldwide. Moreover, some 3.1 million grads enter the workforce every year. They are robust young, English-educated and talented. With such large rich pool of talents software industry has a marked advantage over other countries.

Flexible pricing, utilization

Pricing and manpower flexibility are amazing in India. This pricing flexibility allows companies great leeway and freedom in tailoring their budget that in turn help reap large profits. Companies can significantly cut down on recruiting, training and facilities.

Technological prowess

Telecom revolution has overtaken India. With it the telecom, ISP, and cellular networks have grown phenomenally. Clients are offered the latest and best in software technology enabling them to customise popular applications such as e-commerce, business process re-engineering, system migration etc. with precision. High-speed bandwidth through satellite connectivity, submarine cables and fibre optic networks add to the efficiency of software industry.

High quality

Convincing and consistent high quality Indian IT outsourcing firms provided over the years has enabled India to remain as the top outsourcing destination. Leading software firms in India use proven development processes and quality check at no extra cost. Little wonder India’s software export see a 20% growth over two decades and a half.